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1 Cooper helpfully product testing
2 Assembly diagram
3 Concept, prototype, final product
4 Cooper in BoeBed

Team: Christen Oakes + Giulliano Palladino


BoeBed is a Baltic birch plywood dog bed that is able to be shipped flat and assembled upon purchase. My team and I designed the additional benefit of being able to disassemble the dog bed for long-term storage and transportation.

The plywood is bent using kerfing, wherein the wood is sliced almost entirely through in a series of grooves. This method retains the plywood’s strength and is a much less labor-intensive bending method than steam or vacuum bending. BoeBed is finished using a natural beeswax, enhancing the wood’s natural grain while maintaining its subtle coloration.

BoeBed is a clean and modern addition to the home where pups can hang out with their favorite people or catch up on their beauty sleep.