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Drawing for Idea Generation

1 Drawing for Idea Generation website home page.
2 De/Re-Skilling, Stephanie Braconnier
3 Gestural Figures, Claire Hicks
4 Recontextualizing Art, Christen Oakes
5 Blind Contour Drawing, Meredith Wilson
6 Topographical Exploration, Kehan Chen
Emotive Gestural Fields, Tyler

Project conception, research, creation: Christen Oakes

Academic advisor: Daniel Roehr

Co-instructor: Stephanie Braconnier


Drawing for Idea Generation: Exercising Creativity in Landscape Architecture is a set of 9 drawing exercises specifically targeted to landscape architecture.

Drawing is a helpful component in all stages of the design process from idea generation, through design ideation, to representation. However, emphasis is often placed on these latter two stages and drawing is less often taught or explored as a tool for idea generation, particularly in landscape architecture. Therefore, the aim of these exercises is to help us explore methods and foster a practice of experimental and intuitive drawing at the earliest stages of the landscape design process. Using methods of technical drawing, de-skilling, visual analysis, and emotive drawing, these exercises aim to improve confidence, efficiency, accuracy, intuition, and critique skills. They are intended to be accessible and valuable to students and professionals alike, and should be approached with a spirit of experimentation and a penchant for messiness.