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i have done nothing wrong.

1 ‘i have done nothing wrong.’
2 A conversation with myself: climate change affirmation rhetoric is written with my dominant hand. My non-dominant hand responds with AI-generated climate change denial.
3 Process diagram.

Project conception, research, creation: Christen Oakes Supervisor: Sara Jacobs


“i have done nothing wrong.” acknowledges climate grief as an inherent part of the contemporary human condition and positions climate change skepticism as a manifestation of the denial phase of grief. It reveals and explores my own inner climate change skeptic by using AI to digitally construct her. By creating her with deepfake technology I keep her at arm’s length: she parrots AI-generated climate denial rhetoric until the script fails and she dissolves into cacophonic screaming. The nature of her construction allows me to confront her(me) with humility and humor, and by reckoning with her existence I search for some piece of healing from climate grief.