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Fortress North America


Honourable Mention
CBDX Borderlands International Design Competition

1 Fortress North America and City as egg 
A mindset of defense. Various ways we have established borders between us and nature.
3   Holding at Bay. A catalogue of defensive borders. Typical.

Project lead and concept:
Fionn Byrne

Illustration and research:
Kendra Scanlon, Noora Hijra, Roxanne Gregoire, Jordan Yule


“The fear of nature is back.  Climate change launches hurricanes, floods, wildfires, droughts, and caravans of migrants at sovereign borders.  Yet, these attacks are proportional to the overexploitation of nature. While the outside had previously contained the impacts, they are now global and threaten advantaged nations. The exploitation of others is unsustainable.  In this era of fortification, hardened borders are an index of commitment to the status quo.  Designers have denounced border walls, yet there is no critique of seawalls, storm surge barriers, firebreaks, or other defenses against outside forces of nature. Realizing reparations for what we have stolen would be a more just application of design instead of protecting past gains.  It is time to reevaluate our militaristic posture against nature, which perpetuates a system of exploitation that increases risks to others outside our borders and beyond our concerns.”

- Words by Fionn Byrne for competition submission.