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Urban Green Roof Optimization

Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 Annual rainwater harvest potential of all buildings in the Brunette-Still Creek Drainage Area.
2 Top: Spatial optimization script output. Bottom: 3D visualization of optimal buildings for green roof installation. 
Analysis + Visualization:
Kendra Scanlon


This analysis was performed in the Brunette-Still Creek Drainage Area in East Vancouver. Still Creek is one of two remaining creeks in the city. The goal is to decrease the overall peak runoff rate that discharges into Still Creek by optimizing the placement of green roofs in the highly impervious Grandview Boundary Industrial Area. I wrote a script that utilized GIS data and standard runoff co-efficients to produce a spatially optimized plan for implementing green roofs.

Optimization criteria included a 20 building maximum, structurally suitable roofs, highest possible surface area, shortest distance to Still Creek, and shortest average distance to each other. The result is a parametric green roof analysis tool that could be implemented on any site to help inform decisions for maximum impact.