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We Make Radio: 30-Something Years of CJSW 90.9 FM

1 The cover of We Make Radio. Loudspeaker from which CJSW broadcast to the students of MacEwan Hall until 1985.
The work of local artists is captured in the annual Funding Drive banners.
3 Volunteers contribute cornerstone memories in the form of critical essays and stories 4. A fold out map created by Brendan Fraser shows Calgary’s  inter-band relations. 

Content Curator and Creative Direction:
Kendra Scanlon
Project Manager: Kendra Scanlon, Myke Atkinson

Art Direction and Graphic Design: Mark Rowe

Editor: Kendra Scanlon, Myke Atkinson, Matthew Kennedy, Mark Rowe

Photos: Caitlin Boyle


This book brings together 30 years of history at the University of Calgary campus, community radio station CJSW 90.9 FM. As the media landscape and consumer habits change, traditional radio will likely leave behind its terrestrial roots. This book grounds Calgary culture with the history of community radio, solidifying CJSWs role in building the burgeoning arts and culture industry in our city. There are 2500 copies of We Make Radio in circulation. Each was given away for free. They can be seen in local music venues, homes of CJSW supporters, and at the Calgary Public Library as a part of “Calgary’s Story” collection.