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Half Life

1 Conceptual collage Perspectives. 
2 Plan. Half Life is a series of natural fiber structures which are placed in a fish-scale sequence and constructed with the intention of complete degradation.
3 Sections series.  As time progresses and the structures degrade, new plant life will originate from the moisture capturing walls.

4 Context Map (background). Watershed boundary and Burnaby Lake.
Team: Christen Oakes and Kendra Scanlon


This is the first iteration of a project that proposes a conceptual, post-humanist perspective on integrated stormwater management practice in Vancouver. Drawing from current conditions in the Brunette Basin Drainage area, we propose an intervention for mitigating flooding and improving water quality entering Still Creek through in a road right-of way in the Renfrew-Collingwood district.

A woven, wicking, and biodegrable structure is constructed to attentuate water and provide opportunities for various spontaneus species to create homes there. Over time biomass accumulation leads to the development of healthy soils, acting as a sponge for runoff.

We call into question common conceptions of nature which assume the ability and right of humans to alter, control, access, and hold dominion over that which is non-human. As the structures degrade, human accessibility is limited by unexpected companion species.