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The Land Knows Her

1 Marilyn Bapstise shown as guardian of the watershed. Programmatic support for community space indicated. 
2 Slideshow. Narrating the experience of the healing garden with water colour and linework. 
3 Depth extents of exploration test drilling. 
4 Existing conditions
5,6 Healing garden sections, axonometric, and details. 
Special thanks to Marilyn Baptiste, Alice William, Jessica Setah, Trina Setah, and Russell Myers for their words, inspiration, and critique.
Team: Christen Oakes and Kendra Scanlon

Working with consultants from the Tsilhqot’in Nation Council, this project aims to contribute to the healing of land and women impacted by the mining industry in the Interior Plateau. Decades long mining explorations brought patriarchal violence, scarred land, and increased turbidity in salmon spawning creeks. Taking lead from the powerful storytelling of Tsilhqot’in women, watercolours were used to imagine the collective healing of the community and the site. Simultaneously, women’s leadership and sovereignty is enacted through roles as water guardians, providing opportunities for intergenerational learning with traditional plants.